2017-2018 School Supply List

Welcome to the 2017-17 school year! I am excited to start a brand new year and nothing celebrates that excitement better than purchasing school supplies....in my mind anyway! :) Supplies just came out this week (7/7) and I already bought some notebooks and glue, and paper.....

I require all of my students to keep a notebook. I have become known as the "mathbooking" teacher, because I have each student create their own "Mathematician's Notebook". This will evolve as the year progresses but it is my hope and belief that it will give more meaning to their notebook. With this in mind, I am asking that each of my Honors Algebra II and Algebra II students to purchase a Quadrille Composition Notebook. (A regular composition notebook is not okay. We will graph a lot in this class. Also, a spiral graphing notebook will fall apart very easily. As I grade notebooks, you don't want this to happen!) Business Math students may purchase a regular composition notebook. Please make sure it has 100 sheets of paper/200 pages. You will use EVERY page in business math!

*Business Math students....you will just need a composition book for your notes and a 3 ring binder/folder for misc papers.

Here is a photo of Walmart's graph composition notebook: I will have these available for sale in my classroom for $1.25 each. Or buy it ahead of time at your local Walmart. Staples and Target sell them as well. (Please do not get a spiral or a non-composition notebook. They fall apart very easily!)

Screen Shot 2012-08-29 at 9.38.59 AM.png

OPTIONAL SUPPLIES:**prices may not be accurate. I am reusing pictures from previous years. Sorry!

All of the items pictured were found at Walmart

1) A 1.5 inch 3-ring binder. A 3-ring binder will be very helpful to the students for any "extra" papers that don't go in our Mathematician's Notebook.

external image IMG_1671.JPG?height=240&width=320

2) Post-it Tabs/Flags:

You can find these in the office supply section.

We will use these to highlight things in our Mathematician's Notebook. These will be the "little" things that will make a student's notebook their own....

Price varies with the type that you purchase....

3) Crayola Markers

You can find these in the front of Walmart with all of the school supplies for only $0.97!

4) Mechanical Pencils.

These were located in the front of the store. You can NEVER have enough pencils.

external image IMG_1673.jpg?height=320&width=240

5) AND LASTLY......It would be nice if each student had...erasers!

Hey, everyone makes mistakes. I saw these 2 for $0.50.

external image IMG_1672.jpg?height=320&width=240

We do provide calculators at school. However, the calculators must stay at school as we have a limited amount. They are very basic and do not do fractions nicely. And they are not graphing calculators. It is recommended by the College Board that students use a graphing calculator for the SAT exam. I recommend the TI-83 or TI - 84. They are usually discounted at this time of year.

This is the calculator I recommend for my classroom: TI - 30XS Multiview.

It is not necessary to purchase this calculator unless you want it for use at home and other non-class times. I just prefer this one. And I think you will too.

external image 617135_p_wipo?$OD-Dynamic$&wid=450&hei=450

TI-84 Plus: $88.00. Regular price is $114. This is an excellent calculator to have for more advanced courses and college. I will not be using this calculator in class, unless the calculator fairy pays me a visit. BUT, if you decide to purchase this type of calculator I will be able to assist you in using it. I can also help you with any graphing calculator you choose. I will show how great these are during various lessons in the year though!

external image 71RH7Vj8FUL._SY355_.jpg

Please feel free to email me with any questions, concern, or comments.